●What is Buddhism?

Buddhism comprises the teachings of Sakyamuni, a prince of twenty-five hundred years ago who sought the way to liberate humans from suffering. He achieved perfect wisdom (enlightenment) and, preaching his teachings based on the Dharma, brought many people to enlightenment.

●What is RK?

RK or Rissho Kosei-kai is a Buddhist organization composed of ordinary men and women who have faith in the Buddha and strive to share the Buddha’s compassion by applying his teachings, as interpreted by Founder Nikkyo Niwano, in their daily lives.

●Who is the Founder?

Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1906, Founder Nikkyo Niwano was inspired by his grandparents and parents to a love of peace and harmony, and service to others. Seeking a spiritual discipline embracing these ideals, Founder Niwano discovered the Lotus Sutra through a series of lectures, and, along with Mrs. Myoko Naganuma, founded a lay Buddhist organization in 1938. His vision of world peace expanded to include interreligious cooperation, where his successes lead to recognition at the highest level by global religions.

●Who is President Nichiko Niwano?

President Nichiko Niwano
President Nichiko Niwano, the first son of Founder Nikkyo Niwano, was born in 1938, and devoted his early life to Buddhist studies and practice. In 1991, he ascended to the presidency in the ceremony of Inheritance of the Lamp of the Dharma. He has continued in the path of his father in disseminating the teachings throughout the world and actively supporting and participating in interreligious organizations.

●Who is the Cofounder?

Mrs. Myoko Naganuma was born in 1889 in Saitama Prefecture. Guided into the teachings by Founder Niwano, she was a charismatic and compassionate leader, dedicating her life rendering service to and rescuing people from dire poverty, incurable illness, or domestic discord, and guiding them to the Buddha’s Way.

●What is the Faith & Practice /Focus of Devotion?

The core of faith and practice is the teachings of Sakyamuni as explained in the Lotus Sutra and interpreted by Founder Nikkyo Niwano. The Focus of Devotion is the standing image of Sakyamuni, as interpreted in the images in each Kosei-kai Church.

●What is the Sutra Recitation /Sharing the Teachings /Memorial Days?

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Sutra recitation is a basic practice, performed both at the family altars of members and at the Churches each day of practice. Sharing the Teachings is the means of disseminating the teachings in an effort to save others from suffering. Memorial Days are periodic

●What is Hoza ?

Hoza (Circle of Compassion) is a gathering of members in an atmosphere that fosters growth and develops flexible minds. It is a time for sharing and listening to the problems people have and help resolve the problems through the Buddha's teachings. By listening to different perspectives, we enhance our lives and realize our true connection to others. In hoza, each member can purifies his or her mind through the compassionate actions of striving help others overcome their everyday sufferings in the saha world. This is the essence of embracing the Bodhisattva way.